Monday, September 29, 2008

Careeb gets stronger

Three most IT professionals joined Careeb team, thus making it more powerful. These guys are purely professionals with good sense of humor. They find their work enjoyable. They gather at their office early in the morning and analyse what they have done until now and what they have to do today. They dream, plan and work together on the plan. They say their aim is to give their users, a reliable, safe and most importantly realistic, enjoyable product. The founder, Naveed believes that his 'Networks' among various contacts in Careeb contact list is a wonderful and useful idea which the users will love a lot in long run.
Click here to meet the Careeb team

Careeb- Press Release

"Our goal is to simulate real world relationships between people in digital format. Careeb is going to create a paradigm shift in the way people perceive social networks. Apart from the fact that we look at social networks from a fresh perspective, user experience and privacy (without sacrificing liberty) is high on our list of priorities. Careeb is based on original ideas and not just another me too. We are determined to build something useful and worthwhile."- This is what the founder of Careeb said in the press release of Careeb.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


This video shows basics of using Careeb. It demonstrates how to invite your friends to Careeb and also how to invite all your contacts from your mail IS (i.e Bulk Invitation).